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Code Xperts

The team is the foundation of our company. Each person on the team brings significant value to the creative process, so our capabilities extend far beyond coding.

Xtremely modern solutions

We are a product brand. The innovative solutions we offer have a high safety factor, are of high quality and are comfortable.

Xtension Custom

It is a unique approach to creating and delivering software tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our knowledge, commitment, methods and tools are a guarantee of the highest quality of provided solutions.

X Factor

Is the result of our experience, knowledge, competence and passion. It is the missing element that we add to our products and services, taking them to a new, higher level. When you choose a solution with X Factor you can be sure that it is the result of a well-thought-out design process carried out by a team of specialists. When you reach for X, you reach for the future.

Flagship product
Discover our modern tool that will open up new possibilities for you.

Handwritten electronic signature

A modern, technologically advanced tool for convenient and secure digital document signing.

Green solution. Supports the creation of paperless processes reducing the amount of paper documents in circulation.

Security. Integrated with a unique Trusted Third Party service, provided by a qualified Trust Service provider, which guarantees the confidentiality of biometric data.

Convenience and savings. Accelerates and automates company processes, eliminates errors during document filling. Helps reduce paper handling costs.

We understand our clients' needs perfectly. Every day we intensively develop and implement practical business solutions that respond to market and user needs.
X changes reality

They trusted us

Our products have found recognition not only among companies recognised throughout Poland, but also in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

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